Daily Archives: March 5, 2008

The Earth and Moon as Seen from Mars

There is something beautiful about this image.

Thanks to HiRISE  for displaying it

(thanks to kottke.org for the tip)

The future of television is bittorrent

Over at boingboing is a good story about how a Norwegian broadcaster puts popular show online as no-DRM torrent.


“NRK, the Norwegian state broadcaster, just made one of their most popular TV shows available for free through bittorrent. Without any DRM or restrictions. Free for the planet to watch. Because this is a completely legal download people seems to seed it happily. Making the bittorrent technology work exceptionally well, giving the audience very high download speeds. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation will keep on with experiments like these and try to make more content available through this technology in addition to the more traditional channels of streaming, podcasts and DVD sales.”

This makes great sense. It may be the beginning of how broadcasters eventually distribute their television shows. Not just after it has been show the traditional way, but using bittorrent as THE way of broadcasting.

Another thought would be to release it in such a way so that people could mash it up with other media. There are all kinds of possibilities once you think “outside the box”. 🙂

(image from on wikipedia.org)