Daily Archives: March 15, 2008

Why email is better than you think

I have had several discussions with the co-workers on the problems of email. In many cases there is a strong dislike of email. Whenever I think of the problems of email, I think back to before email. I thought this again when I read this article on the nytimes.com. The author of this article, The Office Phone Call Was Music to the Ears in the New York Times says:

“The waning of the office phone call is one of those cultural declines that few people are likely to lament.”

After which, she proceeds to lament it. 🙂 When I thought of it, I was glad it was gone. I have been using email since the 1983, and for along time I used both. (Now I rarely use my phone.) Communicating via telephone was slow and time wasting. If there was important information, you had to write it down. Until answering machines came along, you often couldn’t even leave a message for someone. Some people were masters of missing your phone call.

Email is much better than this. You can send a message to one or a million people if you want. You can send it any time of the day, and the person will get it immediately. You don’t have to worry if they are there. If you have their email address, they will get it, regardless of how important they are. And since you typed it in, you can track it and manage it.

Now email has it’s own faults, but it is a much better business tool than the phone ever was. If anything, it is the victim of it’s own success.

Other things will come along that are better than email. But email has its merits.