Daily Archives: March 24, 2008

Great photographs at www.amdaddio.com

One of the great things about blogging is coming into contact with great people you would never get to meet ordinarily.

I wrote about a piece in the nytimes.com and I credited Andrew M Daddio. He wrote me a nice email back asking if I could include his web address. I will do that, but I would also like to highlight his web site. He has great photographs over there you really should see. So go to www.amdaddio.com and check them out.

China 2.0

The old expression “be careful what you wish for” appears to be coming true for China. It wanted to Olympics and is getting everything that comes with it.

For example at the globeandmail.com is this article on how a Protest disrupts Olympic flame-lighting ceremony:

“Two men carrying the flag of a free-press group ran onto the field of the stadium in Ancient Olympia during Monday’s flame-lighting ceremony for the Beijing Olympics, evading massive security aimed at preventing such disruptions in the wake of China’s crackdown in Tibet.”

This may be just the start.