Daily Archives: March 26, 2008

“Traffic Shaping” comes to Canada

This activity, which has raised an interesting debate in the U.S. — do a web search on “Comcast” — now appears to be in Canada, too, according to the CBC. The CBC itself has an article on it, ISPs limit access to CBC download, users say in which they say:

“One user received a notice that it could take 2½ hours to download, while another was quoted 11 hours. The bottleneck is occurring because ISPs such as Rogers and Bell limit the amount of bandwidth allocated for file-swapping on BitTorrent. The controversial practice, called traffic shaping, is meant to stop illegal downloading through BitTorrent. But it also slows the times on legal downloads such as Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister.”

I expect this to be a much discussed topic all over the world.

25 Ways to Simplify Your Life with Kids from Zen Habits

The very wise Zen Habits has a great list for anyone who is a parent and who finds life stressful sometimes (or most of the time). Try even some of the things on the list, and based on my experience, you will naturally find yourself become a better parent. For the whole list, and lots of great advice, see 25 Ways to Simplify Your Life with Kids | Zen Habits

You can buy alot of books and magazines on parenting, or you can start with this list. I would go with the list first. 🙂