Bernie’s Rule of Wearing Red

With regards to the question: when should one wear red? There are two occasions when one should wear red:

  1. If you feel like wearing red, then go and wear red!
  2. If you really don’t feel like wearing red, then you must wear red.

7 responses to “Bernie’s Rule of Wearing Red

  1. jajajaj sounds a bit like Tomas de Aquino’s but more pertinent

  2. is this a canadian question? i’ve never heard this query before… =)

  3. Agreed, wholeheartedly. =)

  4. I’m obviously taken this way too far but still… just applied same rules to answer “when to make a home party?” and worked wonders : )

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  6. I totally enjoyed your comment. I was looking for information on how red make people perceive you as smarter for an article I am writing on ehow.

    I may have to add this link to my resource box.

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