Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld talk shop

Time has a fascinating interview with Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld talking mostly about …Ford and his clothes. Lagerfeld is very generous with his praise of Ford. Ford also praises Lagerfeld, but really, he doesn’t need it: Karl is in a league of his own.

It’s interesting to hear them talk about the thinking that goes into their design. You might think mens wear is simply a matter of adjusting the number of buttons on a suit, but they are evolving the way men dress.

See Behind the Seams: Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld Talk Shop – America: Conquerer of the Global Menswear Market – TIME for the interview transcript. I would recommend you scroll down and watch the conversation between them: it’s good.

2 responses to “Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld talk shop

  1. Really? This passes as a conversation between smart people? If I had been told this was a transcript from The Real Housewives of…… I wouldn’t have second guessed it. I agree that these two men create beautiful clothing but hearing them speak is a huge disappointment.

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Actually I thought it was fascinating. In the short time they talk (just over 5 minutes), they cover

      • the history of the development of men’s formal wear in the 20th century, especially the late 20th century.
      • the construction of men’s suits and how different silouettes work
      • the changes in fabric and how this affected men’s suits
      • the differences in how clothing is sold to men and women
      • the high end fashion business, and how Chanel is a model for others

      I also like the dynamic between the men. On one hand, it is highly complementary and deferential. Yet, after there is a discussion of Lagerfeld being touched, Ford touches him three or four times afterward.

      It’s a casual conversation, but in the context of the fashion industry, it provides a nice insight into what they think.