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What’s a laundry list?

It’s a long list of items, typically used as a comment in regards to someone asking for many things (e.g., “he’s got a laundry list of things he wants fixed on his car”). And where might it have come from? Well, from something like this:

Back in the day when men wore “hose”, not “socks”, and “underdrawers”. Bras were still “under-vests”, I think. Fascinating.
Found here

The challenge of managing the billions of photos of flickr

A good article here on the challenge of imposing some form of guidelines on the millions of people who use flickr. It’s as difficult as you can imagine, but Heather Champ, flickr’s Director of Community, and her team do as good as job as is possible.

Heather has always been on the vanguard on what is happening with the Web and a good photographer: it’s no surprise to see her in this role. Plus she is a good “Canadian girl”: perfect in the role of peacekeeper.

Great person, good article. For more, visit Nasty as they wanna be? Policing Flickr.com

The colours of autumn

I put this on twitpic, but it is so beautiful to me, I am going to put it here, too! 🙂

and here it is on TwitPic. I <heart> twitpic!

Paul Krugman Wins the Nobel Prize for Economics

Paul Krugman could be the first blogger to win a Nobel Prize! Well, he does much more than blog, of course, but his blog is good to read generally, and very useful to read especially in this time of economic crisis. Hats of to him FTW. 🙂

See Paul Krugman Wins Nobel for Economics – NYTimes.com

(Photo Fred R. Conrad/NYT)

Update, the time blog, The Curious Capitalist, has a good rundown on why Krugman won here

The IKEA Supercomputer

Ok, not really. But this site has a nifty demo of how to make a  linux cluster using an IKEA Helmer cabinet. Very innovative.

Try it yourself! If you a) need such a thing and b) have the wherewithal to do it.

(found via lifehacker)

I made tea…

…is a cool little site you can find here.

Click on the text highlighted, and the story unfolds. Perfect while having…a cup of tea.

(From the great blog, Molt:n Core)

The decapitator strikes fear in the hearts of ads everywhere

Ok, that’s very dramatic, but then so is the work of the decapitator, such as this modified SatC ad.

You can see more of the work here: Flickr: the decapitator’s Photostream. It’s gruesome, but brilliant.

P.S. At first glance I thought the work is misogynistic — there are lots of decapitated women — but there are also headless men, muppets and bees too.  And you might think it is gruesome, but no more than cartoon violence.

Found via http://www.moltn.com/blog/)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, dramatically illustrated.

We have along way to go from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the Universal Application of these rights.
It is worth dreaming about.

(Found on andrewSullivan.com)