Daily Archives: October 26, 2008

Penguin…not just for reading anymore! (Now it’s about hookups!)

Penguin has always been a great publisher. But good books aren’t everything. You want to be able to talk about them, too. Why not talk to somewhere you can potentially hookup with? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, Penguin thought so, too! They decided to provide this. Now you can be smart and meet hot people, too! Life is good.

The dangers of Scotch Tape

According to globeandmail.com there is a new source of X-rays: scotch tape!

Now, before you go and throw all your adhesive tape in the garbage, there is something to consider. For X rays to be produced from tape you need a vacuum. So while there is little to worry about, it is something to be interested in.

Remembering Alex Rivera, photographer of the American Civil Rights Movement

There are a number of sites mentioning that Alex Rivera, Photojournalist of Civil Rights Movement died today. Sadly, few of them do much more than edit and print the press release.

This is sad because he took some incredible photographs that are particularly relevant with the pending U.S. election.

Fortunately you can see an exhibit of them here and read about the exhibit here.

For example, in one, taken only 60 years ago, of Sallie Nixon and her family. It says her husband was taken from his jail cell by white men and lynched in 1948. His “crime” was that he had voted.

Go see the site and share it.