Daily Archives: October 1, 2008

The U.S. Senate gets it done (with regards to the bailout/rescue plan)

How? According to the NYTimes.com, by Adding Sweeteners.

Furthermore, they approved it by a hefty margin. That will put pressure on the House of Representatives. As well, apparently the whips were not in full force when the last vote was held in the House. I suspect that will not be the case this time. It would be a fiasco if it was voted down in the House again. Let’s see.

And speaking of potential fiascoes, the U.S. Vice Presidential debate is tomorrow night, too. 🙂

The end of Ramadan

This stunning photo, by Himawan Tok/European Pressphoto Agency, is of Indonesians celebrating Id al-Fitr,  the end of Ramadan. From NYTimes.com Pictures of the Day, October 1

Stunning dance “that could have been painted by Balthus” or lots of bare naked guys! Take your pick!

There are two ways you can approach this work by  Daniel LĂ©veillĂ© Danse – La Pudeur des icebergs/Modesty of Icebergs that will be appearing at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre  DanceWorks. You can either see it as a work in which:

‘LĂ©veillĂ© delves into the body’s mysterious relations; the trace, the surge, the thrust of movement and its inexorable fall realized in a stunning dance “that could have been painted by Balthus”  (as described by Jennifer Dunning  New York Times.)’

– or you can think –

“woo hoo! lots of really good looking bare naked guys dancing on stage!”

And if both of those things appeal to you, then by all means, click on the link above and buy tickets!

Seriously, DanceWorks hosts some great dancers and performances. Regardless of who it is and how much clothes the performers wear, you will be in for a great evening of dance.

The influence of Mad Men on fashion

Mad Men will influence our current culture in many ways, and one of those is fashion. I noticed this earlier this year when in at least a few places, the skinny ties of the 1960s started appearing in some stores.

In this blog posting at style.com, Maya Singer chats with Michael Kors about his thoughts on the show and how it is affecting his work, among other things. One quote he made, in reference to the clothes at that time, really can apply to any era, and that is:

‘clothes are supposed to FIT’

The capital letters are his, but I agree with his emphasis.

It’s an interesting conversation between Kors and Singer…you can pick it up here: it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world

P.S. Love that photo, by the way: the strength of the show’s art direction is strongly illustrated with this one group shot of the characters.

Another global problem: China’s Milk Scandal

While much of the world is focused on the financial state of the world, another problem spreading globally is the contamination of Chinese milk with melamine. You might think: that does not affect me because I only drink locally produced milk. While this is true, much of the world eats processed food, such as Cadbury chocolate, and these and other foods do move around the world.

While the people of China are suffering the brunt of this, it is something to keep an eye on. The NYTimes.com has a number of stories on it, and you can access them easily here: china milk scandal – NYTimes.com Search