Lily Allen is smarter than you might think

It is easy to dismiss Lily Allen: she is cute, she is poppy, and she sings about shallow things. Don’t be deceived: she is really smart. Too smart, almost. And she is getting better and better.


4 responses to “Lily Allen is smarter than you might think

  1. I used to think she was just Keith Allen’s daughter. But who knows? A pop voice with a willingness to tell people they’re being dumb could go way farther than Keith Allen.

  2. Sometimes it’s difficult (for me anyway) to tell the difference between Lily Allen the girl, and the myth that surrounds her name. But it is a myth. Did she really say that? did she really do that? No probably not, most likely it’s just her pushing (buttons for some fun. But she’s also surrounded by people that take it seriously, and keep repeating it. I always go to You- Tube to check , (if it’s worth the time) Almost always there is nothing there. But so many articles are printed, that I have to find proof where she say’s ”yeah that never happened. She’s the girl that tells people that the gossip is 96% bull, somebody should believe her.

  3. Lily Allen can be dumb by her own admission, but when people call her an idiot, then they’re the ones that are stupid. If you like her, fine but if you don’t why not just leave her alone, because if some people don’t then that makes them look like a moron! I don’t go out of my way!

  4. She’s grown a lot on her new album. I hope this album gets a lot of copycats so that pop can be fun again.

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