On revisiting silent movies

I love good silent movies. Some of my favourite films are from Fritz Lang and Charlie Chaplin. They never get old for me.

Sadly, they aren’t seen that much anymore. They need a way of getting people to rediscover them. One way of doing that is with music mashups. I’ve seen someone do a great version of “Fade Into You” over Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth. (You can find it on this blog, or YouTube). Here’s another mashup using The Killers and Mr. Brightside and combining it with the luminous Louise Brooks from Pandora’s Box.

It would be great if people who like The Killers, see this, and go out and rent or download Louise Brooks and others. It could be the start of a beautiful thing.

2 responses to “On revisiting silent movies

  1. Fantastique! This is INTENSE!
    Louise Brooks is amazing! It really works well with the Killers song!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • smartpeopleiknow

      It does work well with this song. And reediting old silent movies gives them a pace and a feel more in line with 21st century film, making them more accessible, less distant.

      Louise Brooks could make a comeback! 🙂

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