More great animation: The League of Super Evil

I am fortunate to have kids for alot of reasons. But one is that I get to watch animated TV like The League of Super Evil!

The League is a wonderful send-up of superheroes and supervillians, all told with wonderful wackiness and superb animation (especially considering it is a TV show, not a big budget film). Plus great characters: I mean, look at these guys! 🙂 (I love the name “Red Menace” as an evildoer name, and “Voltar” and “Dr. Frogg” are laughably ridiculous “villians”.)

There is nothing super about them of course, and at there worst they are mildly annoying, not evil. (In one episode they try to prevent a pizza delivery from arriving on time so that they can get free pizza.) They drive around in a scooter and are regularly thwarted by the 6 year olds in the neighborhood. And they are very funny.

You can get some appreciation of it from the web site, but watching a 15 minute episode is better. It really is screwball comedy, and that takes some time to build up. If you have, find an excuse to watch it.


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