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mGive: one way how the Red Cross and others are raising money for Haiti using mobile devices

One of the remarkable things about the disaster relief efforts for victims of the Haitian earthquake has been the raising of money via mobile phones and other devices via texting. It’s fast, easy to do, easy to communicate, and as we have seen already, very effective. If you want to know more about this and how your organization might use this, you want to check out the web site for mGive. mGive provides the service that allows this to happen. From what I can tell on the site, the service is remarkable and worth checking out.

Not too long ago, the way that organizations would gather funds quickly like this would be via banks. I expect more people to raise funds this way soon.

Good 404 pages

Face it: from time to time, people are going to to type in something wrong when it comes to your web site and get a 404 error on their browser (or a 500 error if you have a J2EE server down). Why not give them something interesting, like this:

From the always interesting siteReflectionOf.Me

How Canadians Can Help in Haiti

The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos has put together a great list, including ways you can text money to agencies. Go see.

The Big Picture on Haiti

No one does photojournalism better than The Big Picture from Boston.com. See for yourself.

Why is Haiti so poor?

The blog Marginal Revolution asks the question and provides some possible answers.  But don’t just read the post: read the comments. The comments provide alot more ideas on the difficulties that Haiti has faced over the centuries, and I thought they were better than the original post.

As for Haiti, the saying “if it’s not one thing, it’s another” certainly applies to this country and the people who live there. 

Haiti and the architecture of despair

Girl crying in front of a building after the January 2009 Earthquake

Girl crying in front of a building after the January 2010 Earthquake

Among the many good articles the NYTimes has on Haiti is this one: Flawed Building Likely a Big Element – NYTimes.com. One of the likely reasons that there will be so many deaths in Haiti will have to do with the architecture of their buildings. The quality of the buildings are constrained by theĀ  cost and availability of materials, and as a result, the buildings are not made to withstand such an earthquake. Not only that, but because they may have been designed to withstand hurricanes by using concrete roofs, that may have also contributed to more deaths.

(Image Newscom/PTSPhoto from TPM)