Daily Archives: January 24, 2010

This is sooooo ZOMG Awesome – Google Books has the Weekly World News Online!

See here.

Did you know that the Gates of Hell open? Surely you want to know about that! Well, now you can. Also Woman Gives Birth to Angel and The 10 Lost Commandments are revealed.

Interestingly, I came across it looking up a book written by Hans Kung.  The Internet is amazing.

The resurgence of the Paul Simon Sound

I’ve been hearing Paul Simon everywhere lately in the sound of new musicians. This post over at LETTER TO JANE, on Vampire Weekend’s “Giant”,  highlights its appearance in that song. And a good friend sent me Jeremy Fisher’s “Scar That Never Heals” on blip.fm and I can’t help but think of “Cecilia” and “Me and Julio Down by the School Yard” when I listen to it.

Now obviously Paul Simon is still alive and still making great music. But it is great to see newer musicians take that sound and use it too.