Daily Archives: January 20, 2010

Is your password really “123456”?! For alot of people, it is. Here’s why you need to change it

I used to maintain the directory of userids on a bunch of mainframes when passwords were not encrypted. What always shocked me was how trivial passwords were. Every winter, there would be lots of passwords of “winter”. When Major League Baseball started, there were lots of passwords like “Bluejays” or “Yankees”. Anyone intent on hacking into these accounts could have. (Part of our job was to prevent people from doing just that.)

Flash forward decades later, and it still seems that Simple Passwords Remain Popular, Despite Risk of Hacking according to the  NYTimes.com. And what is one of the common passwords? “123456”. Really!

Check this article. See why this is a bad idea. Then change your password. Please. For all our sakes.

A MSF surgical team working on a patient in the outdoor courtyard of the hospital in Carrefour Haiti.

A #MSF surgical team working on a patient in the outdoor cour… on Twitpic