Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

Is it even worthwhile to have anything other than national elections?

Coming from someone who is strong believer in greater public participation, that is an odd statement to make. But when I look at this graph found on the blog post, Yglesias » The Madness of Partisan Municipal Elections, and see this:

I see a problem. Seat changes in lower house match up very closely with what is happening in the upper house. It’s as if it doesn’t matter what the lower houses are doing: the voting public seems to lump it all together. That’s terrible, since you can have good governance from the majority government in a lower house that deserves relection, regardless of what is happening at a national level. But it seems not to matter. Yet it should.

Certainly in Canada I don’t think the provincial governments align with the national governments. In many cases, it’s just the opposite. As it should be. But the U.S. seems an odd and depressing counterexample.

How to Find the RSS feed for someone now there is the new Twitter

It’s easy, if you know how. And thanks to the blog, Stay N’ Alive, I know (and now you do too):

Currently the only way to find an RSS feed is to log out and visit the profile of the user when you’re not logged into Twitter. This might also be why Google Reader still recognizes feeds when you enter user profile URLs in the “Add Subscription” box. Firefox doesn’t recognize the feed when I’m logged in – it does when I’m not. It does make you wonder how long the RSS feed will be in the unauthenticated version.

(I added the bold and the italics. )

There’s no way to guess it, since the feed has a numeric id in it that doesn’t relate back to the person’s twitter handle.

I hope they keep the RSS feed: I like processing that feed in other blogs, etc.