Adventures in portable computing: the IBM PS/2 P70 386

Back in the day (circa 1990s), I managed to get my hands on one of these babies. It was the IBM PS/2 P70 386 Laptop Portable Computer 8573-121 Rare Vintage (you can buy it for $600!). What was so great about that, you might ask?! First off, it was very powerful at the time, as powerful as most PC desktops. It had an orange plasma screen, which not only was kinda cool, but also alot bigger than the monitors on other portables of the day, like Compaqs.  It ran OS/2, not DOS or Windows 3.1. And back then, I could dial into the recently set up IBM internal network and work from off site locations, like home. I could work on it all day then lug it home and work some more.

I think it weighed around 40 pounds. After a summer of carrying it back and forth from work, my shoulder muscles were actually bigger than they were before I got it!

A great machine.

2 responses to “Adventures in portable computing: the IBM PS/2 P70 386

  1. I’m working on such a baby now, looking if it still will work……

  2. Jaime Christian Vasquez

    My first laptop I called it Orangutan. Still have it stored on its black samsonite bag