My latest Diana F+ photos


I’ve posted my latest photos from, taken with my Diana F+ camera. With all the digital software to simulate toy camera (e.g. Instagram), why am I still using a Diana camera? The simple reason is that I have a Blackberry, not an iPhone or even a new iPod Touch. If I did, I might use them. Even then, I would still use my Diana. I like the camera itself: it’s a tool, and like any good tool, it puts me in mind of taking good photos when I use it. Secondly, I enjoy the process of getting the photos developed and printed. In a way, it is like getting a surprise present. True, I pay for it myself, therefore it is a present to myself! 🙂 However, I don’t consider the expense to be very much. The other thing about the cost and the time it takes to get them developed is that I am more particular about what I photograph, which makes me take better photos. And since I get better photos, I consider the few dollars I spend a good deal. I treat them like paintings or drawings, not records. That gives me some rather nice artwork for not much money.

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