Daily Archives: June 16, 2011

Why yes, I have created another blog and twitter account! Here’s why I set up the Ghost Chair blog

Anyone that sends out professional emails can blog about their profession. This is something I tell others all the time. Still, while I blog and tweet alot, not alot of it relates to my profession. I thought I should change that. I decided that if I am going to advise other people to do this, I should do it myself.  Therefore I set up this blog: The Ghost Chair – My thoughts on IT, over at Posterous.com. I linked it to my twitter account bernie_michalik. Anything blogged will be referenced on that twitter account. I hope to blog there once a week about professional matters that I might discuss with clients or colleagues. Nothing is confidential or in violation of IBM’s employee guidelines. Now, if someone wants to follow me professionally, they can. My other twitter accounts and blogs are more experiments and personal. This new blog and twitter account will be more formal.

It’s called the Ghost Chair for two reasons. When I was doing more Web 2.0 work, our team had a blog called The Orange Chair in which we talked about social media and other Web 2.0 related activity. That blog is defunct now, but I liked how the title of this new blogs relates to the title of that old blog. I also like the Ghost Chair that Phillippe Starck designed. I am a huge fan of Starck, for one thing. And I like that chair because it combines the new and the old effortlessly. It is also something of a virtual chair that is transparent, yet still present. That relates to alot of the work that I have done in IT. I thought it was a great symbol for the blog. Hence the name.

I still plan to maintain my other blogs, etc. But I hope to post to this new blog at least weekly for the next year. Thanks, as always, for reading this.