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Mad about plaid! Gingham, madras, windowpane, oh my :)

Seeing this great outfit in The Sartorialist (Prada, Milano) got me thinking about plaid.

Specifically it got me thinking about all the various types of plaid there are. I know alot of them, but for a great list, I turn you over to Alexander West’s site is a run down of the various patterns in men’s shirts (and suits, for that matter): Know your shirt fabric patterns | A Shirt Style Guide.

Now that summer is coming, the Madras plaid will be everywhere in men’s wear. But this windowpane plaid in this photo looks great too.

P.S. Glen plaid is short for Glen Urquhart plaid, the place where it came from.



Very cool! Scanner art (via @drawdrawdraw)

From Index : Pam et Jenny where you can see more of them.

If you’re feeling unproductive and don’t want to be, here’s 50 ways to shake that

With 50+ Personal Productivity Blogs You’ve Never Heard of Before (and about a dozen you probably have). I found this some time ago and likely one or two (or ten?) of them have disappeared. Alot will still be there. There must be one or two that could help kick start your productivity and get you back on track. Good luck.