Daily Archives: June 26, 2011

Peter Falk, Wings of Desire, and the happiness with the simple things in life

Over at Open Culture they pulled this clip of Peter Falk from the film, Wings of Desire.

The man next to him is an angel that cannot be seen by Falk or the man behind the counter, but Falk senses that he is there. (Actually, Falk’s character was an angel who became a human, so perhaps that is why he has that awareness.)

What I like about this clip is how Peter Falk shows some of the joys of being alive. (The real life Falk apparently could draw as well).


This is one cool site. On economics (no less).

There’s alot to like about this site, The Other School of Economics. It has a nice layout and a good design, for one thing. More importantly is the content itself. As it states in its manifesto:

The Other School of Economics” is a (counter)-reference to the ‘Chicago School of Economics’. Reclaiming the agenda back, and creating a hub to articulate and shape some new ideas.

Well worth a read.