Daily Archives: July 6, 2011

Want to know what is going to be hot with Social Media and the Web next? Ask a teenager what they are using

Over the last month these two reports have come out concerning StumbleUpon (StumbleUpon sends more traffic to US websites than Facebook — Tech News and Analysis) and Tumblr (Tumblr Now Has More Blogs Than WordPress.com). If I didn’t have a 15 year old, I would have been surprised. But I noticed recently that she has been using StumbleUpon alot, something she learned about from her friends at school. The same is true with Tumblr: it’s a trendy thing to for her friends to have tumblelogs and share things they find that way.

So far no interest in Google Plus. 🙂

Teenagers are very social, obviously, and they are also very tech savvy. If you want to understand some of what is driving use of new media on the Web, go talk to one.