Daily Archives: July 21, 2011

The superb dancing of Ryan Francois and Remy Kouame to Slow Club’s Two Cousins

I like ‪Slow Club and I enjoy this song, but I just love this video. The dancers, Ryan Francois and Remy Kouame, are superb. They combine great choreography, emotion and physicality in their dance. Plus the direction of this video is wonderful: it really takes advantage of the black and white film, and the slow motion makes the dancers and the music match up well. Mesmerizing and something I can watch over and over.


How men should dress as they get older

Of course this is a matter of taste and preference, but I have always thought that men should dress up as they get older. This gentlemen (from Florence, not surprisingly) is very dressed up, but it’s still smart style for warmer weather. (I am assuming it is summer since he is wearing seersucker.)

The light yellow vest goes nicely with the buttons of his jacket and the laces of his shoes, and the brown of the shoes goes well with his belt. His jacket fits well, too: little bunching, despite the angle of his shoulder, and the shirt shows nicely, too. The suit is great, but the accessories really make this guy look sharp. I could go on, but this is one well dressed man in a great looking photograph.

Shot and found on The Sartorialist, naturally. No one takes better photos of older and dapper gents than him.

Why the News Corporation hacking scandal is a very big deal

You might get the impression from some journalists and politicians that the hacking scandal is a terrible things for alot of celebrities and some other poor people, but otherwise, no big deal. If so, read this CJR article. The whole thing is packed with facts that show that is a big deal. For example, this paragraph:

For starters, executives, editors, and reporters at News Corp.’s UK unit have: bribed the police; illegally hacked thousands of people’s phones, including a 13-year-old then-missing murder victim’s; tampered with evidence while the victim was still missing. They interfered with a second murder investigation; misled police and Parliament, repeatedly, when questioned about these activities; knowingly employed an ax-murder suspect who had been convicted and imprisoned for planting cocaine on an innocent woman in a divorce case; paid millions of dollars to victims explicitly in exchange for their silence; paid large sums to former employees after they had been convicted of crimes committed at the behest of News Corporation employees; continued to pay for convicted former employees’ high-powered lawyers.

And that’s just the start of what you’ll find in this article. It is highly recommended reading.

The criminality and corruption of this organization controlled by the Murdochs is astounding.

Great advice for artists starting out

Two of my favourite pieces of advice to artists starting out can be found here in these two videos. The first one is a (NSFW) call to do something, do anything, and not get hung up on things that stop artists, especially new artists, from doing anything (‪”My Favorite Artistic Advice” Tales Of Mere Existence‬‏)

A second and related video, ‪Ira Glass on Storytelling, part 3 of 4‬‏, is part of a series. I like this one in particular because it deals with a problem you might have: that your taste surpasses your creative ability. Ira has great advice on how to deal with this.

In short, never stop creating. Create alot. Create everyday. Practice. Evaluate. Do some more.