Why the News Corporation hacking scandal is a very big deal

You might get the impression from some journalists and politicians that the hacking scandal is a terrible things for alot of celebrities and some other poor people, but otherwise, no big deal. If so, read this CJR article. The whole thing is packed with facts that show that is a big deal. For example, this paragraph:

For starters, executives, editors, and reporters at News Corp.’s UK unit have: bribed the police; illegally hacked thousands of people’s phones, including a 13-year-old then-missing murder victim’s; tampered with evidence while the victim was still missing. They interfered with a second murder investigation; misled police and Parliament, repeatedly, when questioned about these activities; knowingly employed an ax-murder suspect who had been convicted and imprisoned for planting cocaine on an innocent woman in a divorce case; paid millions of dollars to victims explicitly in exchange for their silence; paid large sums to former employees after they had been convicted of crimes committed at the behest of News Corporation employees; continued to pay for convicted former employees’ high-powered lawyers.

And that’s just the start of what you’ll find in this article. It is highly recommended reading.

The criminality and corruption of this organization controlled by the Murdochs is astounding.


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