How men should dress as they get older

Of course this is a matter of taste and preference, but I have always thought that men should dress up as they get older. This gentlemen (from Florence, not surprisingly) is very dressed up, but it’s still smart style for warmer weather. (I am assuming it is summer since he is wearing seersucker.)

The light yellow vest goes nicely with the buttons of his jacket and the laces of his shoes, and the brown of the shoes goes well with his belt. His jacket fits well, too: little bunching, despite the angle of his shoulder, and the shirt shows nicely, too. The suit is great, but the accessories really make this guy look sharp. I could go on, but this is one well dressed man in a great looking photograph.

Shot and found on The Sartorialist, naturally. No one takes better photos of older and dapper gents than him.

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