Daily Archives: July 11, 2011

Wow! It turns out Pong was invented in the 60s! See it in action.

Here’s a video of ‪Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison Playing their  Ping-Pong Video Game in 1969‬‏.  It’s a specialized box: Atari consoles and arcade games were a way off from this.

Imagine what they would think to see today’s games.

Found via Open Culture, where you can find more details on this.

How to update Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook all from Google Plus

It’s easy: you need to use Google Chrome and then use this extension: Extended Share for Google Plus – Chrome Web Store. Once you install that, whenever you post something on Google Plus, you have the option to Share With other sites, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Some benefits to this:

  • You can post a short post on Google Plus, share it on Twitter, and then comment on your post on Google Plus if you have more to say.
  • You can share Google Plus posts on Facebook to entice your family and friends there to come and use Google Plus. 🙂
  • Things you post that are of a professional nature you can post on LinkedIn, without the trouble of having to login there.