Daily Archives: September 2, 2011

The Making of Blade Runner

Open Culture has a great clip that was used to promote the movie in the early 1980s before it was released as a feature film. Open Culture also has some background on that clip that is well worth the read. Meanwhile, here’s the clip, a must see for Blade Runner fans like myself

One thing I thought watching it is how it also the end of an era. While I am guessing some companies still use matte and large scale models like they did for Blade Runner, I suspect most now use computer generated images (CGI). Blade Runner was likely one of the last of the big SF films to use this for its special effects.

If Scott does make a Blade Runner II, I am willing to bet it will be with CGI, not what is used here.

The history of email? Not exactly

This is a great history of email in some ways, but flawed due to omissions. While alot of the dates are true, email has been around longer than 29 years. And the number of email accounts is underrepresented.

A better history of email is here, Email – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Still that article, Today is the 29th anniversary of email, as copyrighted by this man – Shareables, has this great infographic that is definitely worth sharing for the highlights it does mention.

Great advice (and other things) from The Phraseology Project

This phrase, Nothing Worth Doing is Easy, and many others can be seen much better at The Phraseology Project. A great site.