Daily Archives: September 5, 2011

AI vs AI: what happens when two programs talk to each other (now with T-shirts!)

This video of two chatbots talking to each other has been getting alot of attention on the Internet, for good reason. See for yourself:

Kevin Kelly interviewed the creators of it and has more background on it here: The Technium: Theological Chatbots. Well worth reading.

Bonus! One of the better lines from the video is now on T-shirts! See here

McDonald’s to makeover Happy Meals (and other changes)

So says  Parentcentral.ca. For those of you that don’t know:

For Happy Meals, U.S. customers can already choose between apples or fries. But only about 11 per cent of customers were ordering apples, the restaurant said.

So by the beginning of next year, McDonald’s will instead include a half-order of apples and a half-order of fries. Customers can get all fries or all apples if they ask.

This is an improvement, but I think a better option would be to include apples by default and only provide fries if the customer asks for them. Also, I would like to see McDonald’s making healthier meals for kids in general, and aim to have a certain percentage of the adult meals be healthy, too. I think the chain could do this and still be very successful.