Is this evidence of the stunning success of android or more proof that everything is happening faster?

Matt Yglesias has this post on The Stunning Success of Android which includes this graph

It’s certainly true that Android is popular and a good product. But what I want to look at is the axis of the chart: millions of units sold over X number of quarters. What I think we will continue to see is that more and more charts of new technology are going to look like this. We will continue to see products adopted or purchased by consumers at faster and faster rates.

There’s a number of reasons for this. For one thing, people are more comfortable with adopting new technology than they were a decade or more ago. Two, the technology is easier to adopt. Three, new technology is increasingly social and therefore the chances of you hearing about it and signing up for or buying it is greater. Four: there are more and more companies developing new technologies like this. And five: there is infrastructure (phone companies, the Apple App Store, etc.) that supports this adoption.

The days of slow adoption rates is over. The future is coming at us at a faster and faster pace. Soon, if not already, it will come at us exponentially, and we will need technology to help us adopt new technology. The technology will change so fast, we won’t even realize it. That’s the way the future will be. That’s the way it is now: most people just aren’t aware of it. Soon, everyone will be aware of it.


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