Can aspirin also reduce cancer?

According to new studies mentioned in the, it can. The Times states:

Taking aspirin every day may significantly reduce the risk of many cancers and prevent tumors from spreading, according to two new studies published on Tuesday.

But before you rush out and buy a big bottle, you should note that:

Drawbacks of daily doses of aspirin include a risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.

The Times goes on to say that:

The findings add to a body of evidence suggesting that cheap and widely available aspirin may be a powerful if overlooked weapon in the battle against cancer. But the research also poses difficult questions for doctors and public health officials, as regular doses of aspirin can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and other side effects. Past studies have suggested that the drawbacks of daily use may outweigh the benefits, particularly in healthy patients.

What should you do? First: read the article and then the studies. Then talk to you doctor. You should always talk to your doctor before embarking on any medical treatment, even one that takes something as common as ASA.


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