How to build a cheaper air conditioner for $20 (and what you should note)

The Toronto Star has a good video here on how you can do this: Beating the Heat for $20 – The video is straightforward, and the DIY skills you need are minimal. If you are dying of the heat, and fans are no longer doing it for you, try this

Some things to note:

  • this will be cheaper in terms of power usage, I think. A fan uses less power than A/C
  • if it is really hot, expect the ice to melt quickly. Not too quickly: the styrofoam container should help keep the cool in. But still, you can expect to change the ice for fresh ice sooner than you think.
  • You will need to keep making ice. Consider buying a few extra ice cube trays when you get this stuff, and devote a section of your freezer just to ice.
  • this is not going to change the temperature in your whole house. But if your house is terribly hot, it can give you an oasis of cool without having to leave and go to some place that does have A/C
  • be careful with the size of the hole for the fan. You don’t want to have the fan fall in the wet ice. If it did, grab the cord and unplug it first before you reach in and pull it out to reduce the risk of getting electrocuted!
  • try to get a fan strong enough to blow air such that it will leave the box, but not too heavy that the box won’t support it

One response to “How to build a cheaper air conditioner for $20 (and what you should note)

  1. I have a cheaper solution, go to the mall or library 🙂