The end of Work: the apotheosis of robots and the degradation of humans

I think this passage from this article, New Wave of Deft Robots Is Changing Global Industry –, is key:

Foxconn has not disclosed how many workers will be displaced or when. But its chairman, Terry Gou, has publicly endorsed a growing use of robots. Speaking of his more than one million employees worldwide, he said in January, according to the official Xinhua news agency: “As human beings are also animals, to manage one million animals gives me a headache.”

There you have it, in blunt language. Humans are animals, and animals are secondary to machine when it comes to making lots and lots of things.

Robots are only going to get better and better at making things. Alot of things. Not only that, but robots will get cheaper and cheaper as they get better and better. Add 3D printing to that and soon the need for humans to make anything will decline rapidly.

We need to rethink the notion of Work. The idea that everyone needs to Work, and that they can only have an income if they do Work. It will get to the point where it will not make sense for people to make many things, other than as a hobby.

We will have very efficient ways to make things without people, but people will still exist. If they have no income, there will be no one for the owners of the robots and machines to sell to.

Henry Ford brought in a new model and changed the way people worked. We need a new model.

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