Daily Archives: November 21, 2012

The new vernacular for the workplace

While lots of office space still conforms to cubicleland, more and more of it are looking like this: The new Google HQ in Toronto is better than your office. It’s a good article, and you should check it out to see what the new HQ looks like. (Yes, it has the ubiquitous foosball table, but it has a nice Toronto mural on the wall).

I think this is going to be the way it is or should be for offices of the future. For example, if you go and look up jobs at Medium (e.g., this one,Infrastructure Engineer — Work at Medium — Medium), you will see that they are promoting their stylish workplace at the same time they are looking for skilled people to work for them. And why not? Better work environments give companies competitive advantages when it comes to attracting talent. Even mobile work spaces like the ING DIRECT Canada Downtown Café in Toronto has a similar style to it.

If you want people to work for you now and in the future, you need to provide a similar if not better work environment. This is the new vernacular for the workplace.

The upcoming robot / drone infestation problem

It may sound ridiculous, “The upcoming robot infestation problem”, so consider this:

  1. Build your own drones: iStrike Shuttle | Dream Cheeky
  2. Wifi everywhere: More NY Subway Stations Will Get Wi-Fi, Cell Service – Personal-tech – Wireless Technology – BYTE

Mobile technology is going to be going in a new direction. It will no longer need to be held by you. It will be very cheap and very mobile. You can release it into the physical world and it can go places for you and monitor or deliver things for you, as #1 shows. Instead of stalking your ex on Facebook, you can stalk them by releasing a drone to circle their yard. Want to see if someone is doing something they shouldn’t? Send a drone (or 10).

The newer drones won’t continue to be as primitive as #1: they’ll be small and sophisticated. Just as handheld devices have become more and more sophisticated, so too will the new personal drones. And what will the drones use to communicate back and forth? Why the new wifi that will be built out in our cities. (See #2).  People will be able to release drones onto the ground, into the air, and they will send information back via metro wifi and determine future information based on feedback from their base.

Already there are primitive drone type devices for sale in electronic stores. About the only thing that will prevent drones from having more of a future will be cost or capability. But if the cost goes down, expect to see alot more drones in use and walking or flying in a neighborhood near you. What will people do with them? If they are general purpose enough, you will see all sorts of uses for personal and professional drones and robots.

Finally, there is no guarantee they will be harmless drones, either. More likely they could be like this: