Daily Archives: November 23, 2012

In defense of Black Friday: or 6 reasons why it is a good thing

It seems a universal thing to slam Black Friday. And the excessive of it is a bad thing, for certain. However, here’s six reasons why it is a good things.

  1. It helps you get your Christmas shopping out of the way.
  2. It helps you save on your Christmas shopping.
  3. It gives you a chance to get away from your family on American Thanksgiving 🙂
  4. It helps retailers plan their year. Retail is a tough business. This helps make it less difficult.
  5. It’s forces retailers to compete for your business by offering you good deals.
  6. It’s voluntary. No one is making you go and shop. Don’t like Black Friday? Don’t go.

It is very likely that Black Friday is eventually going to blow up. In Canada, Boxing Day sales (which used to happen on December 26th and are just as bad if not worse than Black Friday) have become diluted over time. Now it’s Boxing Week sales, and sales before Christmas, etc. in Canada. I expect the same thing will happen with Black Friday. In the meantime, those keen to shop and save should get out there. The rest should enjoy the season and relax and unwind.