Daily Archives: December 3, 2012

Zig Ziglar’s formula for giving a motivational speech is one you can adopt, too

Here’s the NYTimes.com obituary for Zig Ziglar, 86, Motivational Speaker and Author, who died recently. The obit is worth reading to get a sense of the man. He was a top notch motivational speaker, getting paid $50,000 for each one. And according to the NYTimes obit…

He had a formula: Prepare extensively every time, be funny (“Every seven to nine minutes I’ll have them laughing”), and frequently reinforce the broader message (“I make certain that every five minutes I’m giving them a concept, an idea, a process, a hope builder”).

It sounds obvious, but when I think of how many presentations that I have had to listen to over the years, it’s anything but. I think anyone giving a talk in the near future should review it and restructure it with this formula in mind. (Yes, anyone can be funny. Even trying to be funny in a self deprecating way can be appreciated by an audience.)