Daily Archives: December 26, 2012

When even Mark Zuckerberg’s sister has problems with Facebook’s Privacy settings…

…then you likely should be very wary about what you share there too.

Randi Zuckerberg, Mark’s sister and former marketing director of Facebook, posted a photo to her Facebook. She was less than thrilled when someone reposted it to Twitter.

Yes, she is not just the CEO’s sister, but she worked there.

I like this photo, though I can see why she didn’t like to have it shared. She should talk to her brother, who is infamous for saying “Privacy is Dead – Deal With It” (Mark Zuckerberg – contentgroup).

For more, including the photo, see Buzzfeed’s article, Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Complains Of Facebook Privacy Breach.


The amazing Jack Klugman, and the influence that Culture has on Politics

This is a must read story on how Jack Klugman used his TV show, “Quincy”, to overcome political opposition and help people with orphan disaeases get the medicines they desparately needed: Jack Klugman’s secret, lifesaving legacy. It’s an great story, well told.

Jack Klugman recently died. May he rest in peace and may he be remembered as much as for this as being a much beloved actor.