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Should you take vitamins? A simple two step evaulation process

Vitamin image from wikipedia

1) Read and print this: Don’t Take Your Vitamins | FiveThirtyEight.

2) Talk to your doctor. Discuss this article. Then decide.

I’ve seen a number of articles like the one in FiveThirtyEight saying one shouldn’t take vitamins. Others treat them like chicken soup, saying: they can’t hurt. Regardless, if you are putting anything that is not food into your body on a daily basis, it only makes sense to talk to your doctor.

(Image via the “Vitamin” section of Wikipedia)

A fashionable option for men who don’t want to wear leather shoes (or Tom’s shoes)

If you are a man (or someone who like to wear shoes traditionally associated with men) who doesn’t want to wear shoes from leather, don’t want to wear Converse or Toms shoes but do want to wear dress shoes, you have what I think is  a good alternative: Delli Aldo shoes. I came across them via Cool Tools (a newsletter and a section of Kevin Kelly’s website) and I think they are great for a number of reasons:

  1. they are very stylish
  2. they come in a wide range of styles
  3. they are low cost
  4. they are vegan

Beware: they run large (e.g. if you wear 8, consider getting the size 7 or 6.5) and they stink the first few days you get them (then apparently they do not).

For more information, check out the link to Cool Tools or go right to Amazon and pick up a pair.