Phishing alert! Look for emails with the subject: Your iCloud Account Invalid Address #fb

This phishing attack is really good. Other than text like “we regret to announce” and a misspelling of “Apple”, most of the phrasing is well done and it all looks very official. Of course they sent it to my wrong email address, so that was another sign it was a phishing email. Most of the links are valid, too, except one that points to So yeah, beware. Here’s the text of the email:

Apple ID – <my email address at work>, (19 – September – 2014)

This notice is to therefore to inform you we regret to announce you that your Apple/iCloud Account (<my email address at work>) has been temporarily frozen until we can verify your iCloud Account details. This security measure to protect your Apple Account from unauthorized usage. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
You will be unable to access Apple sync/backup or the iTunes/App Store & Apps Store until you update your Apple/iCloud Account details on file, we urge you to complete validation as soon as you can. Failure to update your account details within a 74 hours can result in deletion of your Apple/iCloud Account to protect our system.

How can I validate my Apple Account and restore my iCloud/Apple ID?
Just proceed to the highlighted link below to verify ownership of your Apple ID. Log-in in using your Appe/iCloud login and password, then read the instructions.

> Validate My Apple/iCloud Account

While using Apple products and apps, you’ll still sign in with your primary e-mail address as your Apple account.

If you have queries and want support, please visit the Apple Account Care site.

Apple/iCloud Europe
Case Validation Request: #UJ13HA41317-EU11


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