On qualifications

Here’s two pieces on being qualified.

If you are underqualified at something, it can be difficult to motivate yourself because you think: I am bad at this. If that’s you, read this:  A willingness to be bad. The best way to get good is not give up because you suck. You suck! So do lots of people. Focus on sucking less.

You might think you would love to be the best at the thing you suck at. So read this: Why it’s sometimes harder to get a job you’re overqualified for.

Being qualified is a relative thing. If you compare yourself to one person, you can seem overqualified. Then you compare yourself to another person and you are underqualified. Regardless, find a standard you think is appropriate and work towards that.

Good luck!

(Image from link to Austin Kleon’s blog and the first link above.)




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