13 good pieces on 12 good artists (and Damien Hirst :))

I’ve been reading much on artists lately. (If you follow this blog, you know.) I thought these 13 pieces on different artists were all good, even the one on Damien Hirst.

Was Andy Warhol a Lame Copier? Some judges think so. I think that this is crazy, but read it and just for yourself.

Gone and once overlooked, but overlooked no more: here’s something worth reading on Lee Godie, the eccentric Chicago Street Artist.

If you are interested in Keith Haring, this talks about a new showing of his work in LA

For fans of philosophy and art, you might want to read about the links between Nietzsche and Rothko. Intreguing.

This is for fans (and there are many) of Hilma af Klint .

A good obit on a fascinating painter: Pierre Soulages, who painted in one colour ( black).

Ho hum: Artist Damien Hirst just burned 1000 of his paintings and will soon burn more. 1000 paintings? More like 1000 photocopies. Anyway, Hirst continues to do what he does best: make money.

This is a good question: How Did a Minister Come to Own Hundreds of Edward Hoppers?

As a fan of John Atkinson Grimshaw, I recommend this 5-Minute History.

This is a good piece on General Idea.

And this, on Maud Lewis forgeries, is a sign her work is bringing in big money.

I don’t know too much about Rodney Graham but this obit made me want to learn more.

There was lots of buzz recently about how a Mondrian painting has been hanging upside down for 75 years!

(Image is of Paintings by Soulages at the Musée Fabre (photo by Fred Romero via Flickr) – linked to in the piece on him)


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