How to build a very small house

There are a number of architects and builders specializing in very small dwellings for people.

Tumbleweed Houses are appropriately named and nicely done. It makes being a nomad seem grand! You should visit the site, just to see what can be packed into such a small space.


5 responses to “How to build a very small house

  1. I love the idea of having a very small home; the excesses of the supersized mcmansions are, frankly, vulgar. I like the tiny houses at Tumbleweed; the teenies are adorable and might have been fun when I was younger and single, but just not possible for us now. I like the Cusato Cottages very much as well. My husband and I are looking into buying a large parcel of land which we’ll hold onto probably forever. Our plan is to build one of the small houses from Tumbleweed or Cusato or My Green Cottage and just leave the land pretty much alone except for some organic farming and maybe some chickens..

  2. how can i make a small house

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  4. I grew up in a very big house and found it significantly contributed to the lack of familial interaction. A smaller home geographically induces a more consistent and bonding relationship between family members. Something I missed growing up. At the age of 8 when mom calls you for breakfast by intercom there is an opportunity lost that is very important between the relationship of a mother and son.

  5. I’ve lived on a twentysix foot and also a thirtytwo foot sailboat and I know how warm they are in winter and cool in summer and that’s
    without electric~ in winter I used down comforters and some wool clothing and had a water tight boat that floated in Florida sunshine and cooked with sterno! It was fun and easy and the diesel engine provided accessory power for radio and lights and also a small solar cell worked the blidge ~ in summer just open the hatches all the way and the breeze is always there as the tide comes and goes the boat turns as it should on the hook ~ I reccomend sailboats and also small houses on land! GO FOR IT!