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The High Low: fashion advice for…just about anyone

While I am a big fan of The Moment, I would recommend at the very least that people check out the posts titled “The High Low”. For fashionable people, it’s all about:

“Good style mixes high-ticket items with brilliant affordable gets. In this column, T’s fashion team rummage for the cheap and the chic.”

And if you are not so fashionable, well, you have to wear something, so show the world how smart you are by wearing what the good folks at T are recommending. (And if you are really smart, you will get your feedreader to go through the feed and extract JUST these recommendations. 🙂 )

I mean even the fashion adverse would be comfortable in this:

while fashionistas — does anyone say that anymore? — might covet this:

For more on The High Low, go here

USA Obesity Rating for 2008

Calorielab has the numbers, but better still, they have a state by state breakdown of where people are lean (Colorado) and not (Mississippi), as you can see here:

See here for more details: Fattest States 2008: The CalorieLab United States of Obesity Rankings

Beware of Hellboy II: people SMOKE in it!

For the film posters and web site of Hellboy II: The Golden Army there is a warning posted: this film contains depictions of tobacco consumption.

Now, I appreciate why this is done generally. But it strikes me as funny when associated with this film. I can’t imagine parents saying: no, Johnny, you can’t go to see Hellboy II because there are people smoking in it! I mean, if you can’t smoke a cigarette in Hell, where CAN you smoke? 🙂

P.S. Gripe: movie sites are all flash, so I can’t include an image here of Hellboy. I think movie sites should put badges or other links for bloggers to use. Hey, it’s free advertising!

How to make your life better with less

Over at Kevin Kelly’s blog is a great review/peek by Merlin Mann of the new Peter Walsh’s book, It’s All Too Much

While you might think the book is ostensibly about clutter and too much stuff, it is really about much more than that. It is about how materialism can get out of control and ruin our lives. It’s a form of obesity, and capable of ruining our lives as much a being greatly overweight can.

Read the review: you will get much just from that. Then buy the book, read it, use it, and then give it to someone else.

As for me, I have been doing this for some months now. I don’t miss the stuff I tossed or sold, and my life is better off. How many cheese slicers does a man need, anyhow? 🙂

Time and Web 2.0: cross referencing for the full picture

I was curious about a comment Ana Marie Cox made on twitter today: “I am no longer enjoying this election”. This was followed by: “The only way this election could be more disappointing is if either of the candidates win. Uh. Hm.”

Since Cox writes for Time.com’s Swampland blog, I checked out what she wrote recently, and it turned out it was this . While her feelings come through to some degree in the Swampland piece, a more detailed picture comes out when cross referenced with twitter. Her Swampland piece is critical and sarcastic towards Obama’s comments on abortion, but her feelings are more obvious in her “tweets”.

As people use social computing (blogs,twitter, etc.) for communications, others will cross reference the information — like I did here — to build profiles of people. I don’t think it will necessarily surprise people, but what may surprise people is that others are doing it.

The amazing Dara Torres

The nytimes.com has a great profile on Dara Torres: Dara Torres – Profile – Olympic Swimming – NYTimes.com

While the article seems to imply that she is not too extraordinary, I think she is incredible. While older athletes may continue to maintain their fitness, what the article doesn’t appear to touch on is that athletes often lose interest in the demands of training for so much. Not Torres: she seems driven.

Great photo by Robert Maxwell, too. Even if you don’t read the article, just looking at this woman’s body tells you she is unique. Incidentally, you would never get to see her this way in a Speedo LZR.