Daily Archives: July 22, 2008

Fight Global Warming with a PB&J Sandwich….really!

When I read it at andrewsullivan.com, I was skeptical too. But it makes sense. If you are like me, and you’d rather eat a sandwich over installing plumbing, you now have some rationalizations to do so! (Though I’d recommend you do both).

Even if it doesn’t amount to much, like chicken soup, it can’t hurt. And hey, PB&Js (and other veggie sandwiches) are delicious. What’s not to like? See Your PB&J Impact

Feist sings 1-2-3-4 (kinda) on Sesame Street

A very nice remake of the song and the video here:

My only comment: where’s the Count!?

Stadtler and Waldorf get the Internet

Those grand old men of the Muppet Show get the internet. See here for proof.

There’s lots more good clips of them on YouTube, also.