Daily Archives: July 11, 2008

Update on the Iran (photoshopped) missile photo

It looks like that famous doctored photo of the Iranian missiles has launched some creative responses, as can be seen in this Wired blog post: Attack of the Photoshopped Missiles (Updated)

This is my favourite:

I mean, if Iran wants to really scare people, why not go all out?

Even BETTER than TinyURL: ZombieURL!

Tinyurl is all fine and good, but get the blood flowing — and the braining munching — send them a link via ZombieURL. They’ll be glad you did! Or not! 🙂 See:

ZombieURL – The #1 zombie-infected URL redirection service on the Web.

Photoshopping War

While a number of sites talked about this apparently photoshopped photo of the missile launch in Iran, the site War and Piece has the best write up on it. Take a look at what is outlined first.

I’ve seen and heard of Photoshop being used for lots of different purposes, but this appears to be a first.