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Why people buy the wrong house: preferring space over commuting

In this blog is an excellent analysis on why people buy the wrong house. In short, they underestimate the drawbacks of commuting and overestimate the value of extra space.

I might like this because based on this analysis, I bought the “right” house. Actually, commuting WAS a major factor in choosing my house, but I had other criteria, and our house met them. I am sure others do the same thing. I am sure people who pick the bigger house also have many more criteria that matter than just size. But it is likely they still underestimate the impact of commuting.

See the blog post and decide for yourself by going here: The Frontal Cortex : Buying the Wrong House

Thx to Andrew Sullivan for the link.

The story of the Fail Whale

I’ve blogged about the Fail Whale before. Even folks who aren’t interested in twitter in the least will find this interesting: The Story of the Fail Whale

Thx to Andy Piper for pointing out the link.

The latest tech savvy approach from Obama ’08…

…can be found here with this web app: Apple – Web apps – Countdown to Change

Jones Soda: Now in Barack Obama flavour! :)

There’s also a flavour for McCain, Clinton, and Ron Paul. Pick up your favourite here:

Campaign Cola 2008 | Election Resources | Voting Vernacular