Daily Archives: March 11, 2009

There are blogs about everything

For example, this blog, A Soviet Poster A Day, has…well, a example of someone of the finest Soviet posters of the 20th century along with a description of what they represent. Anyone interested in typography, poster art, or 20 century history deserves to pay a visit.


How to find something better than just a job

Peter Bregman at Harvard Business Publishing has a good article on the smart way to look for a job. It is a smart and effective approach to job searching. Better yet, it is a wise way to find something better than just another job. Find new contacts, find new (or forgotten passions), find what you really want to do. Those are some of the ideas in Need to Find a Job? Stop Looking So Hard.

It’s good to check out, even if you have a job.

Lobbying via Twitter

Recently, there has been much talk about U.S. politicians using Twitter. I assume most of them like the service.
It will be interesting to see what happens next, as organizations like the Sunlight Foundation ask people to Help Lobby Congress on things like S. 482. I can see this happening more and more. And politicians may find themselves getting alot of feedback this way. This is not a bad thing, depending on how well they are able to deal with it. And it is a good story to follow for any organization considering the use of Twitter or any other  social software or social media.

How does this current stock market state compare to others?

According to dshort.com, compared to other bad bear markets, it’s pretty bad. See for yourself:

Now, my belief is that it can also turn around faster, largely due to improved technology. Supply chains can gear up faster, news spreads faster, money moves faster. But it all depends on something which may not change quickly, which is: people’s minds.

Let’s see. You might start seeing people short those betting on the Great Depression II.

Everything but the girl

I’ve been listening to EBTG since the 1980s. They’re timeless, and I never get tired of listening to them. Twenty years ago I heard her singing on a casette tape with The Style Council. In another twenty years, I hope I can still here them on whatever format music comes in. In the meantime, here is a more recent version of them singing Rollercoaster:

And here is Tracey Thorn and Style Council from the 1980s (or is it the 1940s? 🙂 )