Daily Archives: March 27, 2009

Why I think Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is Awesome!

Michelle Bachmann has been taking heat from alot of bloggers I read for being stupid and asking idiotic questions. To that, I saw: pshaw! Personally, I think the woman is a genius. I think she is creating political drama of the highest calibre.

One thing I used to love about watching great British drama with superb actors like Helen Mirren was how they would subtly convey what thoughts and emotions they experienced with small facial changes or shifts in their body even while they were saying banal things or nothing at all. Well, Congresswoman Bachmann gets that same effect with the questions she asks! Seriously, watch the expressions of the Treasury Secretary or the head of the Fed while they are being questioned by her. You can just hear the wheels turning in their heads while they try to answer her inane questions. And yet, her questions may not even be inane, but “dog whistle” comments for wingnuts watching this. Like I said, drama of the highest calibre. For proof, go see:

As Ta-Nehesi Coates might say: awesome sauce! (Ok, he thinks she is an idiot, but anyway…. :))