Daily Archives: March 10, 2009

Crowdsourcing for appliance design

Amana has an interesting experiment going on: it is allowing viewers to help them pick which design to go with first.  In exchange, they will use your selections to help determine your personality (apparently mine was too eclectic for them to decide!)

This is a simple and smart idea. They get feedback from potential buyers, potentially get some viral marketing (a link to sites like Facebook or other social networking sites would be helpful), and get to promote their ideas. Plus, they also get to see which ones are big hits and which ones are big misses. (Speaking only for myself, my most favourite was Green Tea and my least favourite was Mojo).

If you have wanted to engage your clients more, consider what Amana has done:

How colorful is your personality? / Amana’s New Color Refrigerators


The watchmen and Lincoln

Jonathan Dillon was a watchmaker fixing Lincoln’s watch at the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War. He wrote an audacious and secret message inside the watch. A message just discovered now. CNN has the details.

On creating buildings and smiles with paint and steel

I have seen many public art works, but I think one of the finest is not really an art work at all. Instead, construction workers in Boston are writing the names of children on steel beams. They get the names from the children at the cancer hospital nearby, who write their names on paper for the workers to see. The Boston Globe has the story here.

One of the original sources of ebooks: Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has been around for along time, relatively speaking. They still have lots of great books online, totally free (as in free of charge and you are free to do what you want with them), and continually being updated. The new ebook sites are all fine and good, but this classic site is full of ..um…classics! And much more. You deserve to pop in and take a browse.

Tips for Getting over a cold

You likely know the tips for getting over a cold: Drink Plenty of Fluids, Get Plenty of Rest, and Take Medicine. What I liked about this article, Tips for Getting Over a Cold at Associated Content, is that not only did they have these tips (and some other good ones), but they explained why it is good to do these things.

Bonus: I didn’t realize pineapple juice is good dealing with a cold. See the article and you’ll know why.