Daily Archives: March 7, 2009

My Tweetup With LeVar Burton

Is hanging out with the v cool @levarburton in Toronto! on TwitPic

I follow dozens of people on Twitter, including some actors like Stephen Fry and LeVar Burton. Both men are very good users of Twitter. Indeed, LeVar Burton said he was going to Toronto this week to appear on the show The Hour on CBC, and he asked his followers for some information on it. That was the weekend.

On the way home on Monday I saw a “tweet” from him saying he was going to be at a downtown bar in Toronto for a “tweetup”. I thought: what the heck, I should head over and see if he shows up and if nothing else, see what happens.

This Globe article has a good run down on what happened next. And this YouTube video has some footage of the event.

As for me, I got to shake his hand, share a few words and get my photo taken (and naturally posted it on TwitPic! 🙂 )

It was delightful to not only meet LeVar Burton, who was very cool and very gracious with all the followers who showed up, but it was also a treat to meet all these people on Twitter whose messages I have read but never had a chance to meet before.


On the benefit of minor hardship

I am sick with a late winter cold today. Lying here, trying to get better, I thought of the benefits of minor hardship.

One benefit of such hardship is regaining an appreciation of things. Lying here, instead of rushing about like I normally do, I am appreciating how good it is to rest and relax and take it easy from time to time.

I am also drinking plenty of water. Every glass tastes good, and I associate drinking water (and resting) with getting better.

As a result of this minor hardship, I am gaining a new appreciation for water and resting, simple things that are easy to overlook with all the choices we have to drink and do.

The other benefit of minor hardships is that one recovers from the quite easily. We can gain insights awithout being burdened in the long term. This too is a good thing.

That said, I have posted this when I should be resting! I’ll send this off and fill up my water glass.

Netbooks: the next big thing, now

Over at Wired is a really good rundown on netbooks: what they are, how they came about, and why they are so popular. I was just at a conference and a number of people were showing their netbook off. I expect to see more and more around.

I think this comment at the end of the article is key:

“In the process of creating a laptop to satisfy the needs of poor people, she revealed something about traditional PC users. They didn’t want more out of a laptop—they wanted less.”

Google can predict the flu (and likely lots of other things)

I heard this before, but I came across this on the very good Happenupon’s Weblog.

Based on searches people do for flu-like symptoms, Google can predict flus. Here’s a chart comparing Google’s data and that from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC):

Pretty cool. Now can they predict when this recession will be over? That would be good.

U.S. Supreme Court Ruth Ginsburg smacks down Senator Jim Bunning

As seen as USAtoday.com, ‘one month after her surgery for pancreatic cancer, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Thursday she expects to be on the Supreme Court for several more years. In an interview, she also vividly recalled why, on her second day back on the bench, she attended President Obama’s televised speech to a joint session of Congress.’

“First, I wanted people to see that the Supreme Court isn’t all male,” the lone female justice said of the evening event Feb. 24. “I also wanted them to see I was alive and well, contrary to that senator who said I’d be dead within nine months.”

Ginsburg was referring Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., comment, which he later apologized for, in which he said she would be dead from the pancreatic cancer she had within nine months. Bunning’s comment was awful. Good for Justice Ginsburg. See more here.