On the benefit of minor hardship

I am sick with a late winter cold today. Lying here, trying to get better, I thought of the benefits of minor hardship.

One benefit of such hardship is regaining an appreciation of things. Lying here, instead of rushing about like I normally do, I am appreciating how good it is to rest and relax and take it easy from time to time.

I am also drinking plenty of water. Every glass tastes good, and I associate drinking water (and resting) with getting better.

As a result of this minor hardship, I am gaining a new appreciation for water and resting, simple things that are easy to overlook with all the choices we have to drink and do.

The other benefit of minor hardships is that one recovers from the quite easily. We can gain insights awithout being burdened in the long term. This too is a good thing.

That said, I have posted this when I should be resting! I’ll send this off and fill up my water glass.

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